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Hay Fever
March 2016

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Mar 2016 - Hay Fever poster
Written by Noël Coward

Produced & Directed by Simon Harrington

Cast List

Judith Bliss
Linda Brown
David Bliss
Michael Bath
Sorel Bliss
Rachael Barrett
Simon Bliss
Liam Feekings
Myra Arundel
Kerry Bailey
Sandy Tyrell
Dan James Frank
Jackie Coryton
Caroline Freemantle
Richard Greatham
Kevin Lane
Jean Willis
Set Designer
Kathy West
Stage Managers
Josh Webb & Charlotte Caston
Lights and Sound
Julia Larkin & Steve Hewlett
Claire Feekings, Beryl Lacey, Fran Genduso, and cast members
Hair and Make-up
Megan Maclugash & Taylor Dedman
Andrew Manktelow
Jo Godman & Alex Green

This production was our first entry into the Kent Drama Association's 2016 Full-Length Play Festival and received the following awards:

  • Most Effective use of Limited Space (Alan Birch Award) - Runner-up

A summer weekend in June 1925 at the country home of the extremely artistic and ultra-bohemian Bliss family. Every member of the family has, without the knowledge of the others, invited a guest for the weekend and, as the guests start arriving, now is the time to tell everyone. Each member of the family is furious with the others and resolves to cold-shoulder all but their own guest. The weekend deteriorates into awkward moments, uncomfortable meals, cutting remarks, and parlour games that only the family can understand. The self-centred behaviour of the hosts finally drives their guests to flee while the Blisses are so engaged in a family row that they do not notice their guests' furtive departure.

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