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Productions (1980-89)

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1980January"The Wizard Who Wasn't" by Mary Howarth & Joan Redden.
March"Person Unknown" by David Butler.
May"The Late Mrs Early" by Norman Robbins.
July Three one-act plays.
"Murder Without Malice" by Roy Plomley
"Wages Of Sin" by Andrew Sachs
"A Prior Engagement" by Robert Tanitch
September Unknown.
November"An Inspector Calls" by J. B. Priestley.
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1981January"Robinson Crusoe" by Jack F. Hilton.
March"The Importance Of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde.
May"Just The Ticket" by John Waterhouse.
July"Brush With A Body" by Maurice McLaughlin.
September"Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw.
November"Billy Liar" by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall.
The 18th anniversary of the opening of the Oasthouse Theatre
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1982January"Cinderella" by Janet May & Pauline Harley.
March"A Murder Has Been Arranged" by Emlyn Williams.
May"The Pierrots" a musical by Kevin Wood.
July"The Smuggler and the Lady" by Brenda Pearson, Bill Beck & Pauline Harley.
September"Busybody" by Jack Popplewell.
November"Rope" by Patrick Hamilton.
December"London Miscellany" a show by the RoAsTerS Concert Party.
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1983January"Humpty Dumpty" by Geoffrey Clarke and Mary Howarth.
March"Ten Little Niggers" by Agatha Christie.
May"Off The Rails" by John Waterhouse.
July"The Lion In Winter" by James Goldman.
September"Nerina" a musical by Brenda Pearson, Bernard Mitchell & Alan Wilcox.
October"The Face Of Hope" by Donald E. West - a Kent One-Act Festival entry.
November"Suddenly At Home" by Francis Durbridge.
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1984January"Aladdin" by Leonard H. Caddy.
March"Count Dracula" by Ted Tiller.
May"Will You Take This Woman?" by Maurice Callard.
July"Laburnam Grove" by J. B. Priestley.
September"House Guest" by Francis Durbridge.
October a show by the RoAsTerS Concert Party.
November"The Anniversary" by Bill MacIlwraith.
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1985January"Mother Goose" by John Morley.
March"Waters Of The Moon" by N. C. Hunter.
May"Lock Up Your Daughters" a musical by Laurie Johnson & Lionel Bart.
July"Being Of Sound Mind" by Brian J. Burton.
September"The Creature Creeps" by Jack Sharkey.
November"Murder Mistaken" by Janet Green.
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1986January"Jack and the Beanstalk" by Leonard H. Caddy.
March"Deathtrap" by Ira Levin.
May"My Friend Miss Flint" by Donald Churchill & Peter Yeldham.
July"The Gentle Hook" by Francis Durbridge.
September"The Bride and the Bachelor" by Ronald Millar.
November"In For The Kill" by Derek Benfield.
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1987January"Dick Whittington" by Leonard H. Caddy.
March"The Late Mrs Early" by Norman Robbins.
May"The Pierrots" by Kevin Wood.
July"Blithe Spirit" by Nöel Coward.
September"Hushed October" by D. Sawyer & P. Curran.
November"Gaslight" by Patrick Hamilton.
November"The Oast Entertains" - a revue.
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1988January"Puss In Boots" by Leonard H. Caddy.
March"Deadly Nightcap" by Francis Durbridge.
May"Oh! What A Lovely War" a musical by Joan Littlewood.
July"Counter Crime" by Stanley Clayton & Olive Chase.
September"Pen Friends" by Ken Whitmore.
November"Relatively Speaking" by Alan Ayckbourn.
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1989January"The Sleeping Beauty" by John Morley.
March"I'll Be Back Before Midnight" by Peter Colley.
May"See How They Run" by Philip King.
July"Wolfsbane" by Georgina Reid.
September"Look! No Hans" by John Chapman & Michael Pertwee.
November"Local Murder" by Peter Whalley.
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