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The world would be a very bleak and uninteresting place without all those little extras that fill empty spaces and add colour. The world of Properties is the Aladdin's Cave that fills those voids.

Everything that is needed in a play that is not built by the stage crew or provided by the Wardrobe department is the domain of Props - furniture, carpets, books, cigarette lighters, newspapers, fresh food and drink, swords, blood and so on.

An ideal properties person knows exactly where to get an item at the right price (hopefully free in return for some programme advertising!) regardless of the size, nature and rarity of the item. If you know of a marvellous little shop in Smith Street that stocks everything, or knows somebody who has a friend whose sister is getting rid of X, then this is the job for you.

This is a job for everybody. Every contact is useful for props. If you can manage without your furniture/hi-fi system/crockery for a couple of weeks during the run of a play then please contact us - every gesture is appreciated.

Do you know where the theatrical term 'props' originates?

Over 200 years ago, when a variety of items were used on stage to dress a set, many actors used to take a fancy to them and steal them from the theatre! The management soon tired of having to replace the items so they had 'Property of the Theatre' stamped on everything. All actors and crew would be searched when leaving the theatre and any items that were stamped would be confiscated and returned. Over the years the name of these theatrical items became shortened to 'props'.

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