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How To Find Us

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The Oasthouse Theatre is situated at the end of Stratford Lane (a cul-de-sac), just off the A2, Watling Street. The entrance to Stratford Lane is marked by a car dealership on one side and a row of shops (notably, a fish and chip shop) on the other.

Parking space is limited in Stratford Lane and, closer to the theatre, is restricted to residents of the adjacent flats. It is suggested that use of the lane is therefore limited to dropping off and collection of patrons only. There are public car parks available a short distance away:

  1. The High Street, by the traffic lights, opposite the bottom of Mierscourt Road
  2. Behind "The Cricketers" public house, adjacent to St Margaret's Church
  3. In Longley Road (off Station Road), behind Rainham Shopping Precinct

We are also grateful to Hidson's Citroen car dealership for allowing us to use their parking facilities on weekday evenings.

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