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Recognition Evening

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A Recognition Evening was held at the Theatre on Sunday 3rd April 2011 to celebrate long service by several members and to reward the effort put in by members that fulfil roles behind the scenes but who do not always get the recognition they deserve. The evening was attended by various guests who presented the following awards:

Most Friendly and Efficient Tea Bar Staff
Presented by Melody Harbour to
Ann Gray and June Berwick

Most Friendly and Efficient Bar Staff
Presented by Carl Brownsill to
Mark and Yvonne Clark

25 Years Long Service Award
Peter and Anne Gray

Most Memorable Youth Production in the last 4 years
Presented by Neal Andrews
A Midsummer's Night Dream

30 Years Long Service Awards
Presented by The Worshipful Mayor of Medway, Cllr David Brake to
Beryl Lacey
Steve Berry
William Beck
Dean Caston
Helen Caston

Most Friendly and Efficient Front of House Staff
Presented by Jean Willis to
Jo Godman

Most Friendly and Efficient Award for Box Office
Presented by Helen Caston to
Rose Waslin

Most Memorable Pantomime in the last 4 years
Presented by Paul Harris to
1001 Nights and a Matinee

Special Award for Fabulous Pantomime Scriptwriter
Presented by Paul Harris to
Jack Homewood

Thank You Backstage Award
Presented by Heidi Garwood to
Charlotte Caston

The Revellers Award
Presented by Brenda Pearson to
William Beck

40 Years Long Service Awards
Presented by Eric Smart, Chairman of Trustees, NODA to
Pam Balderston
Ian Balderston (received by Neal Andrews)
Steve Hewlett
Melody Harbour
Peter O'Brien
Keith Sheepwash

Most Memorable Play from the last 3 years
Presented by Gordon Harris, Regional NODA Representative to
Dad's Army

Special Award - for a Special Wardrobe Mistress
Presented by Dean Caston to
Beryl Lacey

Unsung Hero Award
Presented by The Worshipful Mayor of Medway, Cllr David Brake to
Helen and Dean Caston

Heart of the Theatre Award
Presented by Mrs Ruth Banham to
Melody Harbour

Recognition of 50 Years Service
Presented by Keith Sheepwash to
Brenda Pearson

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