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Knight Fever - Jan 2013

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January 2013 - Knight Fever
Written by TLC Creative
(Damian Tresler, David Lovesey & Steve Clark)

Produced & Directed by Jeni & Carl Brownsill

Cast List

Princess Anna
Nathalie Sharpe or Samantha West*
Justin Thyme
Carly Caller
Dame Doris Dumpling
Peter Gray
Lester, the jester
Kathy West or Andy Stringer*
Darren Hammock
King Arthur
Mick Willis
Queen Guinevere
Jean Willis
The Black Knight
Dave Bradshaw
Chardonnay la Fey
Heidi Garwood
The Lady of the Lake
Helen Caston or Alice Tilley*
Sir Cumference
Michael J. Gentry
Sir Uptitious
Jo Godman or Carl Brownsill*
Sir Prize
Liam Feekings or Jo Godman*
Chorus and Dancers

Swords Team
Dayna Beagle, Tom Godman, Alex Green, Megan Weskin
Shields Team
Jenna Chapman, Alex Green, Jamie Podesta, Harry Watts
Juvenile Chorus
Chloe Brown, Samuel Garwood, Thomas Garwood
* shared roles.

Stage Manager
Kim Watts
Lights and Sound
Neil Balderston, Carl Brownsill, Neil Thorne, Phill Willing
Claire Feekings, assisted by Beryl Lacey and Kim Watts

The fair kingdom of Camelot is under threat from the evil Black Knight, and King Arthur, his knights and the magician, Merlin, seem unable to avert disaster!

But brave Justin, a humble stable boy with dreams of becoming a Knight of the Round Table, is quick to step into the breach. With the help (or perhaps that should be hindrance!) of Lester the jester and Dame Doris, he sets off on a quest to rescue the princess and save the kingdom from disaster.

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