[image of left curtain]

Rumours - September 2012

[image of right curtain]

September 2012 - Rumours poster
Written by Neil Simon

Directed by Beryl Lacey

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Chris Bevans
Kathy West
Ken Bevans
Dean Caston
Claire Cummings
Jo Godman
Len Cummings
Steve Berry
Cookie Cusack
Kerry Bailey
Ernest Cusack
Colin Mepstead
Cassie Cooper
Helen Caston
Glenn Cooper
Mark Kitchener
P.C. Conklin
Dave Bradshaw
W.P.C. Casey
Claire Feekings

Stage Manager
Hugh Bailey
Lights and Sound
Neil Balderston & Miles Balderston
Claire Feekings
Diane Whitaker

Four couples visit some friends to help celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, but the party never begins because the host has shot himself in the head and his wife is missing. Chaos reigns as the evening unfolds and the police arrive.

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