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Strangers On A Train - May 2011

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May 2011 - Strangers On A Train poster
Adapted by Craig Warner
from the novel by Patricia Highsmith

Directed by Steve Berry

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Guy Haines
Dean Caston
Charles Bruno
Dave Bradshaw
Elsie Bruno
Jean Willis
Anne Faulkner
Jeni Brownsill
Frank Myers
Darren Hammock
Robert Treacher
Kevin Lane
Arthur Gerard
John Sansom

Stage Manager
Charlotte Caston
Lights and Sound
Neil Balderston
Helen Caston
Michael Willis

This production was the second entry into the Kent Drama Association's Full-Length Play Festival and received the following awards:

Winner - Best Sound (Geoff Goodwin Trophy)
Winner - Most Effective Use of Limited Space (Alan Birch Award)
Runner-Up - Best Actress In a Supporting Role - Jeni Brownsill

This powerful and compelling psychological thriller centres around Guy Haines, an ambitious architect, and Charles Bruno, a charming but spoilt mother's boy with a liking for drink, who meet in the dining car on a train. During their discussion, Bruno proposes the perfect murder: he will kill Guy's feckless, unfaithful wife and, in return, Guy will kill Bruno's much-hated father. That way neither of them will be the suspect in their respective crime. Guy takes this as a joke at first until his wife is killed and he realises that Bruno expects him to fulfil his side of the bargain!

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