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Hypnosis - Mar 2011

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March 2011 - Hypnosis poster
Written by David Tristram

Directed by Beryl Lacey

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Pat Sanders
Alan Briggs
Steve Berry
Helen Briggs
Heidi Garwood

This production was our first entry into the Kent Drama Association's Full-Length Play Festival and received the following award:

Runner-Up - Best Actress In a Supporting Role - Heidi Garwood

The Great Gordo, an alcoholic stage hypnotist in the twilight of his career, randomly chooses Alan Briggs as his next stooge. Briggs, a mild-mannered policeman, is a good sport, the audience laughs, and everyone goes home happy. For Gordo, it's the end of another show and time for a drink or three before bed. But someone out there has other ideas - extraordinary ideas. The mind games begin, the stakes are raised, and we sense there can only be one winner. But who?

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