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Ghost Writer - September 2011

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Sept 2011 - Ghost Writer poster
By David Tristram

Directed by Kathy West

Assisted by Carl Brownsill

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Dave Bradshaw
Andy Stringer
Carly Caller
Jeni Brownsill
Heidi Garwood
Phill Willing

Stage Manager
Charlotte Caston
Lights and Sound
Neil Balderston
Carl Brownsill
Helen Caston

Edward, a successful writer, is staying with his friend, Alex, as he can't bear to go back to his own house following the suicide of his wife, the talented but tempestuous actress, Ruby. Alex has taken Edward in and is trying to distract him from his self-pity with Glenda, a younger aspiring actress, who is also currently single. This plan may even have worked but Ruby, Edward's dear departed wife, decides that this is the moment to make a reappearance to clear her name and find out who murdered her. She has a plan for Edward to write a play about the events of the night that she died and for him to invite all the main suspects to take part in a play reading to flush out the killer.

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