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1001 Nights and a Matinee - Jan 2011

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January 2011 - 1001 Nights and a Matinee
Written by TLC Creative

Produced & Directed by Helen Caston & Kathy West

Musical Director: Bill Beck

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Jeni Brownsill
Dame Barber
Dean Caston
Ali, Dame Barber's son
Ryan Caston or Josh Webb*
Carly Caller
Singbad, Dame Barber's eldest son
Andy Stringer
Humpy the Camel
Kerry Bailey & Taryn Woolley
The Grand Vizier
Alan Godman
Princess Jasmina
Charlotte Caston
The Guards
Steve Berry & Darren Hammock
Jo Godman
Chorus and Dancers
Kirsty Arber, Kerry Bailey, Peter Gray, Josh Webb, Taryn Woolley
Emerald Team
Becky Ewing, Lauren Feekings, Liam Feekings, Harry Watts, Lucy Watts, Matthew Watts, Calum Morris, Sam West
Sapphire Team
Sean Balderston, Tom Buchanan, Jenna Chapman, Tom Godman, Alex Green, Jaz Peek, Megan Weskin, Tim Westby
* Josh Webb played this role in 2pm matinées.

Since Ali Barber heard singing over the walls of the palace he has been in love with the Princess Jasmina and, with the help of his brother, Singbad the Sailor, and the trusty Bob (who has a secret of his own), tries to gain access to the Royal Palace to marry the Princess. The Princess must marry before her 21st birthday otherwise the Grand Vizier will become the ruler of Arabia. Bob has heard tales of a magical ruby that can fulfil your dreams - can Ali get it and become a prince?

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