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Up And Coming - March 2010

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March 2010 - Up And Coming
Written by Eric Chappell

Directed by Colin Mepstead

Cast List (in order of appearance)

The Rt Hon. Philip (Pip) Conway MP
Mark Kitchener
Darren Hammock
Jo Godman
Lorna Fiske
Frances Daschner
The Rt Hon. George Reynolds MP
John Sansom
Lionel Berryman MP
Pat Sanders
The Rt Hon. John Henderson MP
Peter O'Brien

Philip Conway (Pip), Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the House, is attending a party conference. He has been tipped to be the new party leader, but his campaign is in serious danger of collapse. Visits from rivals, fellow conspirators and the all-too attentive Vicky coincide rather unfortunately, keeping Pip on his toes. The world's press is in the lobby, there are threats of assassination, students are rioting outside the hotel, women are in and out of the bedroom and his wife is about to turn up. All of the above land Pip in a series on uncomfortable situations. Up and Coming exposes the underhand dealings that go on in political circles and keep one guessing tantalizingly unanswered until the end; who will get what they deserve?

Vicky gets the Home Secretary hot under the collar

Vicky is getting too much for George

Pip and George start planning

George outlines his plan to Pip

Vicky is not impressed with all the interruptions

Vicky is not impressed with all the interruptions

Pip reads Lorna's redrafted speech

Lorna gives Pip the redrafted speech

The PM drops by to discuss the rumours

The PM drops in for a chat

Pip tries to get Vicky out of sight

The PM's here - you'll have to hide in the closet!

Pip consoles his Protection Officer

Pip tries to reassure Higgs that
everything will be alright

Pip's speech laments the PM's passing - much to the PM's surprise

The PM reads Pip's speech

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