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Trivial Pursuits - May 2010

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May 2010 - Trivial Pursuits
Written by Frank Vickery

Directed by Maggie Pilcher

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Andy Stringer
Kathy West
Melody Harbour
Betty Merton
Helen Caston
Carly Caller
Bill Beck
Steve Berry
Kerrie Bailey
Kevin Lane

This was our entry into the 2010 Kent Drama Association's Full-Length Play Festival.
Carly Caller was runner-up in the Best Actress in a Supporting Role category and the entire production was nominated for the Adjudicator's Award for Best Ensemble.

The local Amateur Operatic Society are due to cast their next production and Nick, the director, has invited a few actors to a barbecue to announce his decision. Unfortunately, Nick has promised lead roles (from different shows) to several different people and, as the evening wears on and the alcohol flows, a very different show is in prospect. Watch as the talents and foibles of each character is revealed in this combination of farce, drama and pathos.

Derek is a little upset

Derek is too overwrought for Teddy's liking

The drink is starting to get to Derek

Derek is getting too social

Roz wonders why Jessica has changed her dress

Jessica has changed her dress

Teddy gets some attention following his accident

Teddy gets some attention following his accident

Mona and Pearl discuss the finances

Mona and Pearl discuss the finances

Joyce gives an impromptu performance thanks to the alcohol

Joyce's alcohol problem surfaces

Deirdre helping Teddy with his zip

Following his accident,
Deirdre helps Teddy with his zip!

Teddy in Cabaret

Teddy puts on a show

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