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Sand Castles - March 2009

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March 2009 - Sand Castles
Written by Bob Larbey

Directed by Maggie Pilcher

Cast List (in order of appearance)

William Patterson
Pat Sanders
Margaret Patterson
Frances Daschner
Stan Billet
Steve Berry
Bernice Billet
Sylvia Senior
Brenda Pearson
Sandra Pike
Mark Kitchener
Charlotte Caston
Helen Bloor
Mrs Penfold
Melody Harbour
Mrs Newman
Pauline Canniffe
Hilda Mathews
Daniel Rosiak
Mr Kite
Peter Gray
Mrs Kite
Betty Merton
Olivia Canniffe

This was our first entry into the 2009 Kent Drama Association's Full-Length Play Festival.

Brenda Pearson won the award for Best Actress in a Cameo Role.

We all like to be beside the seaside and, as everybody knows, an Englishman's home is his sand castle. Stan and Bernice Billet and William and Margaret Patterson have been taking their holidays in the same resort for years. They don't exactly rule the waves but they have turned the area around their beach huts into a cosy little fiefdom. And then along comes Doug, with his nubile nieces. They don't give a hoot for beach hut protocol - they just want to have fun in the sun.

William and Margaret outside their beach hut

William and Margaret settle down for a nice day

The Billets arrive for their holiday

The Billet family arrives

An outsider is on 'our' beach

Ida sits on the wrong bit of beach!

More outsiders arrive to use a beach hut

Doug and the girls arrive

The outsiders protest by 'squatting' on the beach

The protest begins - 'this is a public beach'

William and the girls

William has made new friends

The Billets get some surprising news

Doug and Pauline tell the family
what they've been doing

The holiday ends

Farewells on the last day

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