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Mr Wonderful - May 2009

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May 2009 - Mr Wonderful
Written by James Robson

Directed by Dean Caston

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Eric Box
John Sansom
Norma Green
Helen Caston
Phoebe Green
Beryl Lacey
Geoff Lazenby
Bill Beck
Lop Wink
Darren Hammock
John Sansom
Offstage voices
Charlotte Caston, Melody Harbour, Frances Daschner & Jo Godman

This was our second entry into the 2009 Kent Drama Association's Full-Length Play Festival. It received the following nominations:

Best Actor in a Cameo Role - John Sansom

Best Actress - Helen Caston

Most Effective Use of Limited Space

and won the award for:

Initiative in Stage Presentation

"Mr Wonderful" is the story of Norma Green, a middle-aged, working class woman who conceals a desperate sense of wasted time beneath her strong-willed exterior. Working in a factory and caring for her bed-ridden mother, who is on the verge of Alzheimer's Disease, she is trying to find her Mr Wonderful by using a dating agency.

She dates Eric Box, a mind numbing bore and DIY shop owner who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of his wares, then Geoff Lazenby, an erudite, stylish man whose urbane demeanour conceals a massive ego. Her final date is with Lop Wink, a fanatical cyclist. There is intrigue when Norma's mother Phoebe, who dreads the day Norma will leave her for her Mr Wonderful, discovers the secrets of one of Norma's dates, leading her daughter to exact a fitting revenge...

Eric Box bores Norma to death

Norma losing the will to live whilst listening to Eric

Norma and Geoff get to know each other

Geoff and Norma seem to hit it off

Geoff is introduced to Norma's mother

Geoff makes a good impression on Phoebe
(Liquorice Allsorts are always welcome!)

Norma meets fanatical cyclist, Lop Wink

Norma meets Lop Wink, a cyclist with a secret

Norma and Phoebe discuss Me Wonderful

Norma and Phoebe contemplate their lives

Norma is left alone

What was Phoebe trying to tell Norma?

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