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Mother Goose - Jan 2009

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January 2009 - Mother Goose
Written by Jack Homewood

Directed by Helen Caston & Melody Harbour
Musical Director: Bill Beck

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Mother Goose
Dean Caston
Jack, her son
Jeni Boyns
Jill, her daughter
Emma Weskin
Pip, a ploughman
Charlotte Caston
Priscilla, the goose
Megan Weskin or Samantha West
Sir Jasper Ratrap, the Squire
Simon King
The Hon. Cecil Ratrap, his son
Andrew Stringer
Grace, the goose girl
Jo Godman
Fairy Virtue
Kathy West
Fairy Spite
Leanne Kempster
Robbie, a village lad
David Tummon
Beth, a village lass
Sandra Pike
Queen Mirabelle, the goose queen
Jean Willis
Goose Chamberlain
Peter Gray
Flt Sgt Mallard
Ryan Caston
Chorus (villagers/sprites/goslings/goose army)
Kerrie Bailey, Sean Balderston, Rosemary Compton, Tony Fairclough, Lauren Feekings, Peter Gray, Alex Green, Sophie Godfrey, Rachel Gunstone, Darren Hammock, Sophie Hammock, Morgan Skinner, Lucy Watts, Matthew Watts, Megan Weskin, Sally West, Samantha West


Jack, Grace, Priscilla and Mother Goose

Jack introduces Priscilla and Grace to his mother

Cecil and Sir Jasper have problems sitting down

Cecil having trouble with the bench

Fairy Spite in full flow

Fairy Spite

Sir Jasper admires Mother Goose's charms

Sir Jasper admires Mother Goose's charms

An admirer for the beautiful Mother Goose

Sir Jasper is taken with the new,
beautiful Mother Goose

Jack and Grace search for Priscilla

Jack and Grace expect bad weather
whilst searching for Priscilla

Priscilla is returned to Gooseland

Fairy Virtue returns Priscilla to Gooseland

The entire cast

The finale

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