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Laraman Youth Festival - June 2009

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June 2009 - Laraman Youth Festival
Executive Directors:
Heidi Garwood and Kathy West

Assisted by:
Neil Thorne, Helen Caston, Emma Weskin & Daniel Harbour

This year's one-act festival has been renamed 'The Laraman One-Act Festival'.

This is in honour of Olga Laraman who was the NODA representative for the South East region for over 25 years until her death in 2008. Olga was a great follower of all theatre and encouraged and nurtured young talent all her life.

It is pleasing to note that four of the five plays were written by members of the Youth Group.

Friend Or Foe?

Written and Directed by Liam Hawkes

Two families with a history, fighting across generations. It all comes to a head in a school drama lesson. As their friends join in the argument will Jack and Rachel find out something about themselves?

Based on Shakespeare's classic tale, "Romeo and Juliet".

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Jack Monroe
Josh Webb
Rachel Capozzi
Rachael Legg
Mrs Lawrence
Heidi Garwood
Ed Greenway
Reece Adams
Heather Martin
Lucy Watts
Liam Feekings
Lighting & Sound
Charlotte Caston

Brush Yourself Off

by Megan Boduch
Directed by Rachel Gunstone, Megan Weskin & Morgan Skinner

Two young women are waiting for their chance to shine at a Broadway audition. Sue realises that June is nervous and decides to enhance her own prospects. Her confidence shattered, June decides to leave but bumps into someone who has information about her erstwhile rival. Which will come out on top?

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Lauren Feekings
Sam West
Robert Brown
Producer 1
Sean Balderston
Producer 2
Alex Green
Lighting & Sound
Megan Weskin

Where's Jimmy...?

Written and Directed by Emma Weskin

Following on from a previous play (Who's Jimmy?) about the trials and tribulations involving Lou and her imaginary friend Jimmy, this sequel takes place a few years later when Lou is 16. The problems are still there but are of a different nature.

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Gina Braithwaite
Danielle Feekings
Kev Braithwaite
Jack Blundell
Lou Braithwaite
Charlotte Caston
Alice Tilley
Helen Caston/Emma Weskin
Dan Harbour
Boo Boo
Matthew Watts
Lighting & Sound
Kathy West

Forever Hold Your Peace

Written and Directed by Maisie Ellis
Co-directed by Sam Fish

Claire is an excited 20-something getting ready for the wedding of her life. With friends and family gathering from afar, if seems that nothing could spoil this perfect day. Then an old flame returns...

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Claire Richards
Emily Benson
Jessica Elliot
Charlotte Caston
Eleanor Legg
Kathy West
Astrid Haddaway
Maisie Ellis
Annabel Pattle
Lighting & Sound
Ryan Caston

Blood On The Window

Written and Directed by Ryan Caston & Calum Morris

After a recent divorce, a mother and her children move to the countryside. Whilst the mother is out on the tiles, leaving the children with the baby sitter, a radio news flash brings home to the children that the countryside is not always the best place to be.

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Emma Fitchett
Emma Hales
Kerrie, the babysitter
Grace Pattle
Sam Kemp
Suzanna Morton
Lighting & Sound
Ryan Caston

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