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Puss In Boots - Jan 2008

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January 2008 - Puss In Boots
Written by Jack Homewood

Directed by Kathy West & Steve Berry

Musical Director: Scott Shearer

Cast List

Phillip, the miller's son
Daniel Harbour
Burk, his half-witted brother
David Tummon
Nurk, his other half-witted brother
Dean Caston
Dame Puff, proprietress of the pastry shop
Peter Gray
Amelia, her daughter
Charlotte Caston
King Clarence
Kevin Lane
Princess Melissa
Danielle Feekings
Dorian, the king's herald
Emma Weskin or Helen Caston
Ryan Caston
Puss In Boots
Jo Godman
Malatesta, the wizard
Phillip Willing
Hellibore, his henchman
Neil Thorne
Lightning, the donkey
Liane West and Emma Ansley
Fairy Sparkle
Leanne Harding
Chorus (villagers/courtiers/dancers)
Sean Balderston, Emily Benson, Rosemary Compton, Alex Green, Lauren Feekings, Megan Weskin, Sam West, Sally West, Chantelle Whitefield

Nurk and Burk

Nurk and Burk

Phillip meets Princess Melissa

Phillip meets Princess Melissa

King Clarence and Dame Puff

King Clarence and his new wife, Dame Puff

Melissa marries Phillip

Melissa marries Phillip, the Marquis of Carabas

Fairy Sparkle

Fairy Sparkle

Puss In Boots

The new improved Puss In Boots

Hellibore, the wizard's henchman

Hellibore outlines his master's plans

The wizard, Malatesta

Wizard Malatesta

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