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A Night On The Tiles - May 2007

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Written by Frank Vickery

Directed by Peter O'Brien

Cast List

Sandra Pike
Pat Sanders
Chris Kempster
Kevin Lane
Jack Homewood
Mrs Morris
Brenda Pearson
Emily Whitaker

Gareth and Shirley's wedding day does not get off to an auspicious start. Gareth has a hangover and Shirley is three months pregnant! Grandad is confused and is not sure whom Shirley is marrying. Things don't improve after the wedding and, over the next few months, relationships are strained until the night the baby is born.

Grandad's finally released from the privy

Grandad discovers the doorknob isn't secure

Doris updates the neighbour with news and rumours

Mrs Morris wants all the gossip

Reg and Doris have a quiet moment

Reg and Doris reflect on their lives - and the bacon!

The conga around the garden - traditional wedding stuff

The wedding party in full swing

Kenneth reflects on his responsibilities

Shirley and Kenneth discuss responsibility

Gareth contemplates his life with his new 'friend'

Gareth finds a new friend and confidante

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