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Lucky Stiff/Just - November 2007

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"Lucky Stiff"

Written by Stephen Flaherty & Lynn Ahrens

Directed by Heidi Garwood
Assisted by Emma Weskin

Cast List

Vinnie/Mr Loomis
Alice Tilley/Dan Harbour
Harry Witherspoon
Ryan Caston
Annabel Glick
Emily Benson/Danielle Feekings
Rita La Porta
Grace Pattle
Dominique de Monaco
Emma Weskin
Luigi Gaudi
Charlotte Caston
Tony Hendon/corpse
Sam West
Various sundry characters
Rachel Gunstone, Mel Bowcock, Sam Kemp & Sarah Norton

A musical murder mystery farce that propels an English shoe shop worker (Harry Witherspoon) into a lunatic mix involving an Atlantic City croupier, his near-sighted mistress, her henpecked brother, and several hundred (offstage!) dogs. The chance of a fortune is Harry's - provided that he carries out the instructions of a will - otherwise the money will go, literally, to the dogs.

Vinnie reads of the will

Vinnie reads about the will

Harry and Annabel get a shock

Harry and Annabel get a shock

Rita holds up Harry and Annabel

Rita tries to get the box

Dominique entertains in the casino

Dominique entertains

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Written by Ali Smith

Directed by Jim Cross & Emily Whitaker

Cast List

Emma Hales
Liam Hawkes
Mrs Wright
Emma Fitchett
Nicole Smith, Heather Martin, Steph Moore, Lauren Feekings, and Krista Harbour

A one-act play about mistaken identity. Victoria is waiting for a bus when she finds herself in the presence of a corpse. She is subsequently accused of murder by a naïve policeman who gets his words wrong. As if that wasn't enough, the pushy Mrs Wright and the loyal townspeople join in as the scene unfolds.

The townspeople

The townspeople

The police arrive

Albert finds Victoria and the corpse

Mrs Wright makes the most of the situation

Mrs Wright gets dramatic

Victoria is arrested

Victoria gets arrested

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