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Heatstroke - March 2007

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Written by Eric Chappell

Directed by Colin Mepstead

Cast List

Sam Spencer
Steve Berry
Fay Spencer
Kathy West
Howard Booth
John Sansom
Helen Caston
David Tummon
'Mad Dog' Moon
Kevin Lane

Sam and Fay Spencer think they are about to have a peaceful and relaxing free holiday. How wrong could they be? For a start, the villa is double-booked. Add in three identical holdalls, one of which contains a large sum of money, the sinister Raynor and his accomplice, Mad Dog Moon, and you're all set for an evening of mistaken identities and much hilarity.

This isn't our bag... it's full of money

Sam and Fay discover the money

Dodie and Howard arrive

Dodie certainly deserves a holiday!

Sam and Howard meet

I'm Howard Booth... No, I'm Howard Booth

So that's where the money came from!

News of the robbery is received

Raynor collects another wrong bag

Raynor arrives to collect his bag

Dodi and Howard decide how to get the money

Dodi and Howard discuss tactics

Where's the money Sam?

Dodi tries to get the money from Sam

'Mad Dog' Moon wants his money

'Mad Dog' arrives

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