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Forget Me Knot - July 2007

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Written by David Tristram

Directed by Beryl Lacey

Cast List

Bill Beck
Leanne Harding
Phill Willing
Jo Godman
Telephone Operator
Jeni Boyns
Steve Berry

Robert Zeinfeld has been found wandering the streets of Leicester at 4am with total amnesia. Is it just an elaborate cover-up or something else? A suspicious detective tries to get to the bottom of the mystery but the deeper he digs the more confused he gets.

Julia Zeinfeld reports her husband missing

Munroe seeks divine guidance early in the investigation

Munroe gets tough with Robert to get the truth

Is Zeinfeld really suffering from amnesia

Munroe doesn't endear himself to Mrs Zeinfeld

An unfortunate accident with his tea
does Munroe no favours

Once again Munroe tries for the truth

Munroe interrogates Zeinfeld once again

Munroe's wife dispenses her medical opinion of Zeinfeld

Dr Munroe gives her husband her medical opinion

Julia is convinced Samantha is her husband's 'bit on the side'

The wives don't see eye to eye!

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