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After September - September 2007

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Written by Jimmy Chinn

Directed by Melody Harbour

Cast List

Mr Smith, H.M. Schools Inspector
Peter Gray
Miss D'Vere
Jeni Boyns
Miss McBain
Sylvia Senior
Miss Fisher
Maggie Pilcher
Miss Bickerstaff
Helen Caston
Miss Kershaw
Sandra Pike
Miss Duke
Charlotte Caston
Mrs Godfrey
Brenda Pearson
Miss Pink
Frances Daschner
Miss Cross
Hilda Mathews
Miss Ursula Kyte, Headmistress
Kathy West

The staff at Gwendolyn Kyte's School for Girls are an odd assortment of social misfits and eccentrics at a school caught in a time warp. Ursula Kyte has been left in charge following her mother's death. The school is falling into disrepair and, at the beginning of a new term, a government Education Inspector arrives to investigate anonymous letters defaming the school and its staff. Will the school be closed? If so, where will they all go? And what has happened to Trixie, Gwendolyn Kyte's beloved pet dog?

The staff hear of the impending visit

The staff ponder the future

Mr Smith announces himself

The Inspector arrives

An unpleasant surprise

Trixie has been found

Miss Cross bares her soul

Confession time!

Mrs Godfrey starts the rumour mill

Mrs Godfrey spreads the rumours

Miss Bickerstaff plots with Miss Kyte

A plan of action is formed

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