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Snake In The Grass - July 2006

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Written by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Jack Homewood

Cast List

Annabel Chester
Brenda Pearson
Alice Moody
Vicky Foot
Miriam Chester
Jill Joyce

Miriam has cared for her father in his declining years, aided by a creepily polite nurse, Alice. On his death, her sister Annabel returns home to find the father has left his fortune to her. Very soon blackmail rears its ugly head and it's not long before a body is being thrown down the well. But there's more to come in this creepy and atmospheric thriller.

Annabel discovers her inheritance

Annabel discovers her inheritance

Alice starts to threaten Annabel

The threats start

The sisters discuss old times

Annabel and Miriam clear the air

Alice continues to blackmail from beyond the grave!

Alice is not as dead as she seems

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