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Relatively Speaking - April 2005

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Written by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Jack Homewood

Cast List

Kevin Lane
Carly Caller
Frances Daschner
Terry Pilcher

Greg and Ginny live together but Greg is somewhat suspicious that he is not the only man in Ginny's life. He wonders about her plan to 'visit her parents' and decides to follow her. Ginny is really visiting her considerably older lover, but only to split with him. Greg mistakes the ex-lover and his wife for Ginny's parents and when all four get together the situation deteriorates rapidly. Ayckbourn at his best.

Greg and Ginny with the unknown slippers

They must be yours!

Ginny and Greg in discussion

Ginny tells Greg she's going to her "parents"

Philip and Sheila meet Greg

Who is he?

Sheila meets Ginny

Sheila and Ginny meet

Philip and Greg discuss Ginny

Philip and Greg at cross-purposes

Ginny introduces Greg to her 'Dad'

'Daddy', this is my fiancé

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