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Abigail's Party - September 2005

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Written by Mike Leigh

Directed by Max Thompson

Cast List

Jan Wyatt
Jim Chapman
Hayley Parker
Peter Carter
Angharad Watson

The scene is the comfortable living room of Laurence and Beverley's home in Richmond Road, part of a typical suburban estate in North London. Laurence, a pretentious, overworked estate agent is under pressure from work and his wife. Beverley has arranged a small drinks party with a twofold purpose. Firstly to meet new neighbours Tony and the hapless Ange, and secondly to offer some refuge to her other neighbour, Sue. Sue is the middle-class, nervy, divorced mother of Abigail, the wayward 15 year old with a pink streak in her hair who's holding a party next door. Beverly hates Laurence, Tony hates Ange, Tony and Laurence don't hit it off, and Sue doesn't seem to like anybody. Put these together with the overbearing hostess and the evening is bound to go with a swing.

Bev tries to reassure Susan

It's only a party - what harm can she do?

A moment of reflection for Laurence

A moment of reflection for Laurence

The party next door is in full swing

More discussions about 'next door'

Bev gets acquainted with Tony

Bev decides to liven up her party

Angela is concerned about Laurence

Do you think he's alright?

Bev seems oblivious to her husband's situation

Stop spoiling the party Laurence!

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