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Up And Running - July 2004

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Written by Derek Benfield

Directed by Maggie Pilcher

Cast List

Patrick Sumner, a TV presenter
Ian Balderston
Jenny - a girl
Jeni Boyns
Trevor, Patrick's neighbour
Kevin Lane
Reg Godfrey, Patrick's boss
Peter Gray
Kate Sumner, Patrick's wife
Frances Daschner
Virginia - another girl!
Helen Caston

The action takes place in Patrick Sumner's flat. Patrick is a middle-aged TV presenter who is preparing for a meeting with his TV boss, Reg. Patrick has come in for some criticism from the media. Is he still up to the job? Reg has to decide. Kate is on her way to Paris. Trevor is having girlfriend trouble - he has them queuing up and there's an overflow! What better friend to turn to for help than Patrick.

Surprise visitors for Patrick

Trevor and Jenny drop in on Patrick

The situation is deteriorating

The flat's getting crowded!

Patrick's wife returns unexpectedly

Kate returns unexpectedly

Caught with another girl

Caught with another girl

The kindly boss sympathizes

Reg understands Patrick's needs

Virginia recognizes Reg

Virginia recognizes Reg

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