[image of left curtain]

Threat! - March 2004

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Written by Derek Parkes

Directed by Melody Harbour

Cast List

Helen Caston
Simon Hall
Jack Homewood
Cathy Harvey
Sandra Pike
Morris Harvey
Max Thompson

Simon, who is seriously ill, decides to live life in style and starts blackmailing Morris, an embezzler. Eager to obtain money from his new bride, a millionaire's widow, Morris is shocked to find that she has nothing and all the wealth was left to her son. Morris plans to kidnap and murder the child, but Simon turns up at the thrilling climax and reveals Morris for the ruthless scoundrel that he is.

Simon and Morris meet

The blackmailer meets the embezzler

Leni, Morris and Cathy

Leni, Morris and Cathy

Morris and Cathy decide what to do

Discussing the kidnapping

Morris has been found out

Cathy knows too much!

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