[image of left curtain]

Party Piece - May 2004

[image of right curtain]

Written by Richard Harris

Directed by Jack Homewood

Cast List

Michael Smethurst
Steve Berry
Mrs Hinson
Brenda Pearson
Roma Smethurst
Kathy West
David Hinson
Pat Sanders
Jennifer Hinson
Vicky Mummery
Toby Hancock
Kevin Lane
Sandy Lloyd-Meredith
Jeni Boyns

Michael and Roma are preparing for their cross-dressing, house-warming garden party. Next door, David Hinson is trying to persuade his elderly parent to leave home. Needless to say things don't go to plan on either side of the fence - guests are thin on the ground (with some tenuous excuses) and Mrs Hinson digs her heels in.

This production received three nominations in the Kent Drama Festival winning
'Best Technical Achievement' and
'Best Use of a Small Stage',
and Kathy West was runner-up in the 'Best Actress' category.

A special mention must go to the stage crew for constructing a pond with real water on stage, and also for figuring out how to get Michael's wig to smoke safely!

Lump of custard anybody?

David investigates the properties
of his mother's custard

The troublesome Zimmer frame

Give me that Zimmer frame!

The guests arrive

Toby and Sandy get acquainted

Getting hot under the collar (or wig)

Michael having a quick smoke!

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