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Aladdin - Jan 2004

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Written by Jack Homewood

Directed by Kathy West

Cast List

Chris Kempster
Widow Twanky
Dean Caston
Ian Balderston
Emperor Tung Ti
Colin Mepstead
Grand Vizier, Stoop Lo
John Sansom
Princess Lotus Blossom
Jeni Boyns
So Shy
Emily Whitaker
Wishi Washi
Kevin Lane
PC Hi Pong
Melody Harbour
PC Lo Wing
Sandra Pike
Genie of the Lamp
Adam Tilley
Spirit of the Ring
Suzanne Lloyd-Baker
The Mummy
Peter Gray
Katie Morgan, Felicity Bains, Lisa Finneral, Liane West, James Cross, Scarlett Mann, Sam West, Ryan Caston, Helen Caston, Pam Balderston, Sean Balderston, Hannah Lloyd-Baker, Charlie Lloyd-Baker, Rebecca Lloyd-Baker, Emma Weskin

The PCs and the Vizier

The Grand Vizier plots with the PCs


Abanazer in full flow

Aladdin, Twanky and Abanazer

Abanazer explains his plan

Aladdin with his slaves

Aladdin and his slaves

Twanky and the Genie

Twanky and the Genie

Aladdin and the Princess

Lotus Blossom and Aladdin

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