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Saving Ardley - May 2003

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Written by Tudor Gates

Directed by Jack Homewood

Cast List

Miss Pomfret
Melody Harbour
Morton, the butler
John Sansom
Lady Ardley
Brenda Pearson
Mrs Simmons, the housekeeper
Maggie Pilcher
Lady Selina
Vicky Mummery
E.J. 'Teddy' Scott
Kevin Lane

This show tells the story of Lady Ardley fighting to save her family home (however decrepit) from the contractors, lead by EJ Scott. To confound matters though, EJ Scott seems to have something of a soft spot for Lady Ardley's daughter, Selina, who just happens to be on very personal terms with Cyril, the butler. If that wasn't enough, Cyril is the object of affection of Mrs Simmons. For the final twist though, every good comedy needs a mad butterfly collector doesn't it?

Lady Ardley telling the staff of the bleak future

The future is bleak for the staff

Lady Selina disagrees with her mother

Lady Selina refuses to accept her mother's decision

Lady Ardley listens to the proposal

The property developer puts his proposal to Lady Ardley

Lady Selina still refuses to accept

His offer is not acceptable to Lady Selina

Mrs Simmons accepts Morton's proposal

Morton's proposal is accepted by Mrs Simmons

The rare bug that saves Ardley

Ardley is saved by Miss Pomfret's rare find

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