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Lord Arthur Savile's Crime - July 2003

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Written by Constance Cox

Directed by David O'Brien

Cast List

Baines, the butler
Colin Mepstead
Lord Arthur Savile
Steve Berry
Sybil Merton
Jeni Boyns
The Dean of Paddington
Jack Homewood
Lady Windermere
Helen Caston
Lady Clementina
Brenda Pearson
Lady Julia Merton
Kathy West
Mr Podgers
Mark Sanders
Nellie, the maid
Susan Munn
Herr Winkelkopf
Pat Sanders

Lord Arthur Savile is a well-bred gentleman who is 'not overburdened with brains'. He is engaged to be married to Sybil Merton, a charming young girl, and the ceremony is to be performed by his uncle, the Dean of Paddington. His adventures begin when his future mother-in-law, Lady Julia Merton, insists he has his palm read by Mr Podgers, a respected cheiromantist. Podgers has had much success in the past in digging up dirt on many well-respected people but cannot seem to find any indiscretions in Lord Arthur's past. He does, however, foretell that Lord Arthur will commit a murder. Lord Arthur decides that it would be best to 'get it out of the way' before his marriage and, with the help of his faithful butler, decides to kill his Aunt Clementina. Needless to say, things don't go to plan and the arrival of Herr Winkelkopf, the 'President of the Royal Society of Anarchists' doesn't help things.

Arthur and Sybil

Lord Arthur with his beloved Sybil

Mr Podgers is introduced

Lady Clementina meets the palmist

Arthur's hand contains some shocks

Mr Podgers examines Arthur's hand!

The Ladies have a disagreement

Lady Merton and Lady Windermere disagree

The would be assassin is introduced

Arthur is introduced to Herr Winkelkopf

Winkelkopf sets his bomb

Is Lady Clementina to die horribly?

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