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Haywire - May 2002

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Written by Eric Chappell

Directed by Jack Homewood

Cast List

Alec Firth, a bookseller
Pat Sanders
Liz, his assistant
Leanne Kempster
Maggie Firth, his wife
Ann Gray
Phoebe Firth, his mother
Jill Joyce
Jamie Firth, his son
Kevin Lane
Mandy Firth, his daughter
Anna Mepstead

Alec Firth is having an affair with his assistant, Liz, and has organized his domestic life so that they can go to Spain on holiday without making Alec's wife Maggie remotely suspicious. What could possibly go wrong?
The answer: plenty. On the doorstep, in dizzyingly rapid succession, are: Phoebe, Alec's mother, who has discharged herself from her old people's home; Alec's son Jamie, with a broken ankle; and his daughter Mandy, heavily pregnant and not planning to marry the child's father...

Alec and Liz

Alec and Liz plan their weekend

Alec and his wife, Maggie

Is Maggie suspicious?

Mandy's contractions start

Mandy's contractions start

The weekend's looking good

The weekend's looking good

Phoebe returns

Phoebe returns after discharging
herself from hospital

The cast

The cast

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