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The Day After The Fair - March 2002

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Written by Frank Harvey

Directed by Melody Harbour

Cast List

Edith Harnham
Jean Russell
Arthur Harnham
Steve Berry
Letty Harnham
Nicki Buss
Helen Caston
Brenda Pearson
Charles Bradford
Kevin Lane

When an illiterate servant girl, Anna, meets an attractive stranger at the local town fair, she persuades her mistress to write romantic letters on her behalf. The love affair blossoms, but with whom has he fallen in love: the servant or the writer of the letters?
Based on a short story by Thomas Hardy.

The mistress and her maid

Edith and Anna, her maid

The mistress gives her orders

Edith tells Anna to stop the affair

The mistress, her sister and the maid

Edith, Letty and Sarah

Edith meets Charles

Edith meets Charles Bradford

Edith reads a letter to Anna

Edith reads a letter to Anna

The entire cast

The entire cast

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