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The Business of Murder - November 2002

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Written by Richard Harris

Directed by Brenda Pearson

Cast List

Detective Inspector Hallett
Ian Balderston
Stone, a playwright
Pat Sanders
Dee, a journalist
Frances Daschner

A psychological thriller on the theme of revenge centres on the interlocking triangular relationship between Dee, a successful TV playwright, Hallett, a Detective Superintendent and Stone, "a humourless, rather prissy man". A skilfully crafted tale of mystery and suspense.

Hallett questions Stone

Hallett starts his enquiries

Stone tells Dee his story

Stone tells Dee his sad story

Stone starts the proper story

Stone starts to tell the true story

Stone pushes Hallett too far

Stone says the wrong thing

Stone knows about Hallett and Dee

Stone informs Hallett and Dee
that he knows all about them

Hallett loses his temper

Blackmail doesn't work...
but knives do!

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