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Albert Make Us Laugh - July 2002

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Written by Jimmie Chinn

Directed by Melody Harbour

Cast List

Albert Nuttall
Paul Robinson
Edith Nuttall
Kathy West
Primrose Macaveney
Helen Caston
Headmaster Tope
Max Thompson
Miss Mint/Lobelia Bottomley
Beryl Lacey
Miss Hemsley/Nora Tooley
Brenda Pearson
Miss Partington/Barbara Batch
Leanne Kempster
Mr Leatherbottle/Shane Butterworth
Tony Fairclough
Eric Smallshaw/Charlie Shorrocks
Steve Berry

Some would say Albert Nuttall, aged eleven, is backward - but he is special. He is a poet and a visionary who, as he grows into manhood, inspires unexpected depths of emotion in other people, notably his classmate Primrose, whose glorious future as an actress fails to materialise, and the lost and lonely young schoolteacher, Janet Partington. A strange, touching and uplifting story - written to be enacted entirely by adults - that is engaging and theatrically innovative.

Primrose and Albert

Primrose propositions Albert

Staffroom arguments

The school staff argue about Albert

Uncle Eric turns up

The headmaster finds Eric's personal hygiene somewhat lacking!

Charlie bullying Albert

Charlie bullying Albert

The family reunited

'Uncle' Eric talks about a family reunion

The death of 'mummy Enid'

The death of 'mummy Enid'

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