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The Youth Entertain - Jul 2001

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Three one-act plays from the RaTS Youth

"Singing In The Wilderness"

Written by David Campton
Directed by Suzanne Cooper

Cast List

Cobweb - leader of this small band of fairies
Andrew Smith
Mustard Seed - a not too bright optimist
Angela Whentringhame
Moth - a pessimist
Helen Bloor
Ecologist - a single-minded enthusiast
Gregory Bains
Folklorist - a cautious academic
Matthew Cooper
Pease Blossom - another fairy
Liaine West or Felicity Bains

The well-known fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream and Peter Pan are under continuous attack from the hazard of waste brought by humans. Unexpectedly they stumble on a copse which promises to be a safe haven and yet it seems all is not well. The fairies soon find themselves faced with the prospect of living their lives in public view. Can they escape before it is too late?

The fairy catchers

The fairy catchers

The fairies stay free

The fairies stay free

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"The Trial"

Written by Anthony Booth
Directed by Ila Roskilly

Cast List

Brent - Captain of the organisation
Lisa Walton
Cole - a witness
Louise Tennant
Adams - the accuser
Clare Lyndon
Brede - the guard
Tom Frewins
Collins - the accused
Laura Beck or Leanna Allman

A frightened young girl is interrogated in the cellar of a house by three women. One is a captain in an armed resistance organization, another is a witness and the third is the informer in the 'trial'. The girl is acquitted of betrayal but is led away to be punished for fraternization. The proceedings have, however, uncovered the guilt of another woman present - the informer herself.

The questions start

The interrogation begins

The traitor unmasked

The real traitor is discovered

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"Ritual Of Dolls"

Written by George MacEwan Green
Directed by Nicola Hidson

Cast List

Arabella - doll
Haley Riby
Bravo - soldier
Tom Frewins
Golly - golliwog
Omar Khan
Jo-Jo - clockwork monkey
Jamie McGonigle

A golliwog, a toy soldier, a doll and a monkey with a drum lie forgotten in an attic. Each night they enact the story of the brother and sister who owned them long ago - a story that bursts through the straitlacing of Victorian society.

The crisis begins

The slave questions his master

A family discussion

Brother and sister discuss their future

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