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Rough Justice - November 2001

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Written by Terence Frisby

Directed by Jean Russell

Cast List

Margaret Casely, QC
Jan Wyatt
PC Ramsden
Max Thompson
The Judge
Jack Homewood
James Highwood
Dean Caston
Dr Simon Kerr
Colin Mepstead
Dr Hannah Radzinski
Brenda Brown
Jeremy Ackroyd
Paul Robinson
Jean Highwood
Tania Davidson
Court Usher
Dave Swann

James Highwood, a well-known journalist, presenter of a TV programme on "British Justice", and atheist who has written in favour of euthanasia, is charged with murder after confessing to the suffocation of his brain-damaged baby son. He comes into conflict with the Judge and the Prosecutor (a Catholic and a firm believer in the sanctity of life), as he battles to have his intentions understood.

James and Jean think of the outcome

James and Jean think of the outcome

Opposing counsels confer

Prosecution and Defence discuss a deal

James Highwood remembers

James Highwood remembers what he has done

The prosecuting counsel

The fearsome Mrs Casely for the prosecution

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