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Dead Guilty - Jul 2001

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Written by Richard Harris

Directed by Brenda Pearson

Cast List

Julia Darrow
Kathy West
Margaret Haddrell
Beryl Lacey
Anne Bennett
Liz Poole
Paul Robinson
Voice of the Coroner
Ian Balderston

A tense psychological study of guilt and obsession, concerning an attractive young graphic artist whose leg is badly injured in a car crash that occurred when a business associate suffered a fatal heart attack at the wheel. Housebound and depressed, Julia is tormented when things disappear, a Mexican orange-blossom materializes on her shambling Victorian terrace and someone prowls upstairs at night. While a kindly counsellor contends with Julia's suicidal tendencies and a besotted handyman helps around the house, the excessively solicitous widow invades Julia's life. Suspense builds as the question becomes whether the affair Julia was enjoying with her now-dead colleague will cost her her own life.

Julia with her counsellor

Julia and Anne (her counsellor)

Gary getting carried away

Gary, the home-help, plays a mean vacuum guitar!

Gary's wrong again!

The accusations start

Margaret inspects Julia's tablets

Be careful - these tablets are very strong

Julia contemplates her future

Julia reflects on what Margaret has said

Your time has come!

I know the truth!

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