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Dead Easy - Mar 2001

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Written by Jack Popplewell

Directed by Jack Homewood

Cast List

Mrs Lily Piper
Brenda Pearson
Detective Superintendent Harry Baxter
Ian Balderston
Aimee Watson
Kathy West
Detective Constable Goddard
Kevin Lane
Mr Hamilton
Colin Mepstead
Mr Brewster
Max Thompson
Mr Andrews
Andy Harding
Mr Collins
Pat Sanders
Miss Cosgrove
Ann Gray

A Police Superintendent has his hands full with a series of murders. Fortunately (or not) Lily Piper is on hand to tell him how it was all done.

This play was our entry into the Kent Drama Festival.
Brenda Pearson was nominated for an OSKA in the Best Actress category for her role as Lily Piper and received a Highly Commended certificate.

The investigation begins

Baxter starts the investigation

The main protagonists meet

Harry and Lily off to a bad start

A piece of string?

A piece of string - vital evidence?

A coffee for thinking

Harry, Aimee and D.C. Goddard

There goes the door!

Bang goes the office door

A final word from Lily

Lily gives Harry something to think about

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