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The Vigil - March 2000

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Written by Ladislas Fodor

Cast List

Mrs Harris - the charwoman
Jennifer Matthews
Mr Woods - the nightwatchman
Jack Homewood
The Judge
Frank Linton
The Prosecutor
David O' Brien
The Defence Counsel
Andrew Harding
The Clerk of the Court
Rose Waslin
The Gardener - the defendent
Max Thompson
The Guard
Mark Sanders
Esther - a countrywoman
Valerie Warn
Lucius - a soldier
Paul Brown
Mr Pinchas - a shopkeeper
Jeffrey Marsh
Joseph of Arimathea - a wealthy lawyer
Tony Fairclough
Lady Procula - the Governor's wife
Rosina Fletcher
Pontius Pilate - the Governor
Peter Gray
Saul of Tarsus - a deputy
Chris Swann
Beulah - a barmaid
Sylvia Maile
Sadoc - a private detective
Kevin Lane
Susanna - a housewife
Ann Gray
Thaddeus - a professor
Pat Sanders
Mary Magdalen - a convert
Jean Russell
Simon Peter - a fisherman
Peter O'Brien

A drama set on Good Friday night in a modern courtroom, but the theme is far from modern. The defendant, the gardener from the Garden in which Jesus of Nazareth was entombed is charged with stealing and hiding the body. Numerous witnesses are called, all with critical facts to add to the story of what did happen on that night. The audience is in the role of jury, and is left at the end to consider the verdict. Was the body stolen, or did Jesus rise?

This was a community production with support from many local groups. Actors were loaned from St Margaret's Church Rainham, St Stephen's Church Chatham, The Wallace Collection, Wigmore MADS, and Medway Little Theatre.

This play was our entry into the Kent Drama Festival. We received two nominations in the On Stage in Kent Awards (OSKAS):
David O'Brien won the Marlowe Shield for Best Actor and
Jean Russell received a Highly Commended award in the Best Actress category.

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