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Set Building

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At the Oasthouse, the role of Set Designer is shared between the Stage Manager and Director. They must decide how to adapt the layout suggested in the script to fit the limited space available on the stage.

Some quite realistic interiors have been built at the Oasthouse over the years - some almost habitable. The sets are constructed from standardized units including doors, windows and various sizes of blank walls (called flats). Location, period and social circumstances can be strongly invoked by decor, furniture and furnishing (this is where good wardrobe and props personnel are invaluable). For unusual scenes, your imagination can run riot to construct abstract or distorted shapes to invoke foreboding or isolation.

Pantomimes, which use multiple scenes, often need large canvas sheets (drops) to be painted with different backgrounds. These can be lowered quickly and hoisted up again when no longer required.

Set building normally takes place on Monday evenings at the Oasthouse (8:00pm onwards) though, as opening night approaches, additional nights and Sunday mornings often get used. If you can use a hammer, screwdriver and saw, are adept at painting or wall-papering, or just fancy lending a hand, simply turn up on a Monday and join in - you'll be more than welcome.

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