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Coffee Bar

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A service that is much appreciated by many of our patrons is the ability to offer hot beverages during intervals. Although the majority of our audiences make a quick dash for the bar, there are always those who prefer tea or coffee. We also offer a few non-alcoholic drinks for those not wishing (or not old enough) to queue at the bar.

It is not a particularly onerous task and, obviously, the more helpers we have the easier it is all round.

You will need to be at the theatre at 8:00pm to prepare cups and start the urn heating and so on. As soon as you hear the applause (usually sometime around 9:00pm) you start pouring. After the interval you simply have to clear up - throw away any plastic cups, wash up the other cups and saucers, get rid of the rubbish and that's your work done until the next time. You're on your way home about 9:30pm.

Should you be interested in giving a hand, come along and ask at the theatre. Don't worry if you're new to this sort of thing, everyone is very friendly and helpful and we always try to have two people on duty for each performance.

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