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The Executive Committee
The Executive comprises 10 members who are responsible for the overall running of the Oasthouse Theatre and Society. The current committee, which usually meets on the first Friday of each month, is:

Keith Sheepwash
Helen Caston
Hon. Secretary:
Melody Harbour
Janine Hewlett
Dean Caston
Jo Godman
Phillip Willing
Jean Willis
Kathy West

To serve on the Executive Committee, a candidate must have been a full member of the Society for at least one year. Committee members usually serve a term of office that lasts three years (except the President), although many stand for re-election when their term comes to an end.

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The Programme Sub-Committee
This committee comprises five or six members and is responsible for selecting the plays that the Society will perform in the coming year. This is achieved by spending long hours reading various scripts trying to picture if the set requirements can be accommodated on our small stage, whether our audiences will appreciate the play and, of course, whether it is practical and affordable.

The current sub-committee comprises:

Kathy West (Programme Secretary), Jan Wyatt, and Faye Wyatt

If you have a play that you would like to suggest (or direct) then please see a member of the Programme Committee.

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This group comprises a variable number of members and is, unsurprisingly, responsible for getting as much publicity for the Theatre as they can. This is achieved by inviting members of the local Press to review our productions, getting our pictures in the papers, interviews on local radio stations, press releases, and distributing flyers and posters. They are also responsible for the production of our regular newsletters and production programmes.

Currently, publicity is handled by:

Dean Caston - Public Relations Manager,
Jan Wyatt, Faye Wyatt, Jean Willis, and Kevin Lane

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Bar Sub-Committee
This group comprises a variable number of members and is responsible for keeping our bar stocked and running smoothly.

Janine Hewlett, Melody Harbour and Peter Gray.

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Additional Roles
In addition to the committees mentioned above there are several other vital roles that must be performed. These are usually fulfilled by a co-ordinator who seeks volunteers as required. The roles are:

Electrics Manager
Responsible for providing lighting and sound technicians for each production, ordering of replacement electrical equipment for both on-stage (including stage lights, filter gels and special effects) and off (replacement bulbs and so on). The role of Electrics Manager is currently filled by Steve Hewlett.

Stage Manager Co-ordinator
The Stage Manager is responsible for getting the production sets built and acquiring any equipment needed for the production to go ahead (for example, paint, wallpaper, construction materials and so on). They are also responsible for ensuring that everything is returned to its correct storage place when a production is finished. The co-ordinator for ensuring that we have a stage manager for each production is Charlotte Caston.

Oasthouse Buildings Manager
Responsible for the upkeep of the Oasthouse Theatre and ensuring that we pass our regular Fire Certificate and Health & Safety checks. This is not a simple task since the Oasthouse is a Grade 2 listed building (simply put, the inside of the building can change but the external appearance cannot) and the legal requirements become more stringent every year. The Buildings Manager is Julia Larkin assisted by Hugh Bailey.

Front Of House Manager
Responsible for getting volunteers to be the public face of the Oasthouse Theatre on production nights and drawing up the rota for their services. Volunteers are required to sell programmes, raffle tickets and sweets (during pantomimes in particular). The Front of House Manager is also responsible for arranging the Bar rota and staffing. This role is currently held by Jo Godman.

Tea Bar Manager
Responsible for the ensuring the stocks of tea, coffee and all associated supplies are maintained, and organising a rota of volunteers to man this facility during productions. Our Tea Bar Manager is Melody Harbour.

Wardrobe Manager
Responsible for the acquisition, repair, cleaning and modification of the costumes and accessories that are available from our Wardrobe. This role also includes looking after the public hiring of any costumes. Our Wardrobe Manager is Claire Feekings.

Membership Secretary
Is responsible for maintaining our database of members and collecting subscriptions. Our Membership Secretary is Beryl Lacey.

Social Committee
A fairly self-explanatory function, this small team look at ways of improving the Society's income. The current team is Jo Godman with Kerry and Luke Bailey, Steve Berry and Andrew Manktelow.

Youth Group Co-ordinator
Is responsible for maintaining discipline and the dramatic progress of the members of our Youth Group. This person also liaises with the Executive Committee with regard to issues raised by the Youth Group members and the choice of productions. The co-ordinator is Grant Flanagan.

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