[image of left curtain]

Main Foyer

[image of right curtain]

[RaTS Main Foyer] [To the Box Office and Coffee Bar] [To the Bar and Green Room] [To the auditorium] [Outside of Theatre] [Festival certificates]

Once through the main entrance and small lobby area you enter the foyer. On the wall to your left is a display of some of the certificates won by the Society and its members.

Carry straight on, passing the table where you can buy programmes, and up the stairs to get to the auditorium.

Branching to the right and straight on takes you to the Bar and Green Room areas. On the righthand wall are more certificates - these are mainly those won by our Youth Group.

Turning completely to your right gives you access to the Box Office, Coffee Bar and, through the door to the toilets and backstage areas.

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